Include Uber and/or Lyft credits for all times of day with UT Tuition.

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This is important to me because I live off campus near riverside and while the bus is convenient most of the time that's not always the case. If I wake up even 15 minutes late there is nothing I can do yet wait on a long bus ride. Once my bus gets to campus I then must walk 20 minutes or catch another bus. At this point including travel time and waiting it takes me about 1 hour to get where I need to get vs. an Uber or Lyft where I can be where I need in about 15 minutes. The same thing goes when going back to Riverside every evening. Then there is the aspect of safety. Yes after 11pm we can get a free Lyft ride to campus or back but what about 1030pm? Or even earlier. It still can be unsafe waiting for busses of walking across campus to get where you need to anytime of day. If we were granted a certain amount of credits per year included with our tuition, we can help the students who live off campus without cars be more efficient with their time management as well as keep them safe all times of the day.