Paul Zeleza Fired as USIU-Africa Vice Chancellor

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Since Paul Zeleza took over as Vice Chancellor from Frieda Brown in September 2015, there has been a rundown in the quality of services offered in USIU-Africa. In the days of Frieda Brown, one could see that the university was actually trying to make the learning experience for students efficient and of impact but that is not the case. Since Zeleza came into the picture as Vice Chancellor, the dropout rate of students because of failure to meet academic requirements has been at an all high. 

Despite all this, the main aggravation is what recently came into play at the beginning of the Spring Semester 2020. At the beginning of the year, a security alert was passed out and rated USIU-Africa as vulnerable to terrorism. Paul Zeleza, the Vice Chancellor was quick to assure students that security measures would be put in place to ensure the safety of all students. One of the measures that was put in place for this was a bio-metric security check for students and staff to enter with. Little did we know that it was actually put in place to also stop students without financial clearance from entering the facility. 

Students who have not cleared their school since have been stopped from entering school; a week before mid-semester exams. This took students by surprise considering there was no discussion about that being another use of the bio-metric system. The University continues to deceive and lie to student to eventually deny them their rights. In the past, students with financial balances would be charges interest and would also be blocked from using the University WiFi, Library facilities and the online learning portal and now, even entering the university is being made difficult for them. The fees continue to go up as the quality goes down.

We need leadership with emotional intelligence that will seek to help students rather than to humiliate them for situations which they have no control over. It is notable and understandable that the university also has financial obligations to meet but not letting students in to even study as they raise their fees is not helping them in accomplish anything. PAUL ZELEZA NEEDS TO GO AND THIS DRASTIC MEASURE NEEDS TO BE ENDED FOREVER.