USI TECH Pyramid scheme

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Members of USI TECH an online Pyramid Scheme are trying to find support and clarification over what to do regarding their lost investment. USI TECH has been served with Cease and Desist orders from the US and Canadian Authorities yet there has been no recognition of this criminal activity in Australia by any Authorities. Australian victims of USI TECH have submitted reports to ASIC, ACCC, ACORN and the ATO with little or no response in respect to acknowledging criminal activity or how to proceed in recovering losses.  USI had over 800,000 members.

This scam is national and its estimated losses from Australian victims would be in the millions. Houses were remortgaged, superannuation invested and life savings lost. Victims have been threatened if they report to Authorities. These victims need the support of Government Departments in issuing a stop order and warning the public of its existence.

In order for victims of USI TECH to recover costs through litigation, it would be a less significant risk in undertaking that avenue, if USI TECH was already recorded as unlawful and culpable because of its “Unfair Practices” under Australian Consumer laws.

WE have submitted over 60 reports to the ACCC .WE need positive action to be taken in regards to this scam. Please Help us. 

We therefor ask the ACCC to recommend proceedings into finding that USI, it Promoters, Marketers and Affiliates guilty of, most if not all of the “Unfair Practices” that are written into the  Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and specifically ask for a public Warning under Competition and Consumer Act, 2010, Part IVB, Industry Codes, Division 3, Public Warning Notices 51ADA.