Eliminate the USEF Milage Rule

Eliminate the USEF Milage Rule

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What is the USEF mileage rule? In a nutshell, in the United States, there cannot be more than one rated horse show within a certain radius at the same time. In the Jumper discipline, this radius ranges from 100 miles - 250 miles.

Why do I disagree with the Mileage Rule? It creates a monopoly for horse show organizers, that is disadvantageous to horse and rider.

I have the utmost respect for horse show organizers who have the horse and rider's interests at heart. The problem that has occurred as a result of the mileage rule, is that certain horse show organizers charge exuberant entry fees and do not maintain, let alone upgrade, their facilities and services.

This creates the following problems:

  • lack of horse show quality and safety for horse and rider (eg. lack of appropriate medical staff on site (!!!!!!), bad footing, unorganized, poor stabling, run-down facilities, etc)
  • high, unregulated horse show fees making rated horse showing unaffordable to a large number of local equestrians
  • overcrowded classes (some horse show organizers may argue that they need the mileage rule to protect their business, but there are plenty of equestrians wanting to horse show, sometimes too many for one show with 100+ in a single class)
  • lack of quality for spectators!!!!! Spectators are such a vital part of the longevity of any sport. If we do not run horse shows with the spectator in mind, how can we attract more people to the sport? Not only do spectators make it more fun to compete in front of, these may also become fellow horse riders, supporters, and investors in the sport. At some horse shows (this includes AA rated shows) there is a complete lack of spectator facilities, or any form of signage or information helping a non-equestrian understand the sport and navigate the show facility. These also include poor access to concession stands, lack of engaging entertainment, long drawn-out monotonous class schedules week after week, overpriced VIP in relation to quality thereof, poor infrastructure, etc. We are loosing out on a huge opportunity here.

Please support my cause to get rid of the mileage rule. It is my opinion that if we were to drop the mileage rule, horse show organizers will have to host a good quality show. It will be a motivation for them to take into consideration the requests of the competitors and spectators. We competitors will not be at the mercy of the horse show organizers anymore, having to make due with the poorly run shows they provide us because we have nowhere else to go. I also hope it will make horse showing more affordable to a large portion of equestrians that have not been able to afford the rated circuit. I do not want to get rid of any horse show organizers (quite the contrary, I would like to have more horse shows to choose from), nor do I want to hurt anyone's existing business. I quite simply just want to compete at horse shows that are safe, fun, and won't break the bank.