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USDA: Stop Killing Bees and Butterflies (CCD) While Saving Monsanto (Round-Up)

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Without Bees To Pollinate,There Is No Food To Eat: It is Rachel Carson's Silent Spring Revisited

    Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) that has been killing bees and butterfly's in catastrophic numbers has been occurring everywhere.    Without bees there is no pollination.  Without pollination, there is no food productionand.   Everyone is pointing here and there, and everyone is pointing everywhere, everywhere except Monsanto's Round-Up Chemicals, which bee keepers, scientists, and researchers alike are sounding the alarm as the ultimate culprit.

What has the USDA been doing?   Through its state affilliates, in this particular case, Illinois (one of the most bankrupt and corrupt states in the Union) Department of Ag, it has gone after one of the most vocal voices in the nation as a warning to others to keep your mouth shut.

They have chosen for their attack, Physics Professor Terrence Ingram, a bee keeper of 58 years, bee keeping instructor for 35 years, publisher of the "Small Bee Keepers Journal", columnist in the prestigious "American Bee Journal", founder of American Eagle Foundation, and major antagonist of Monsanto and their herbicide "Round-Up" and their toxic menu of chemicals, accusing Monsanto and their toxic multi-billion dollar chemical stew of being the direct cause of Colony Collapse Disorder.

It is a a growing and undeniable fact, Monsanto is killing our bees and butterfly's in order to make a dollar.  To hell with people, to hell with the earth.   Starve them all, Monsanto is making billions.

What is the USDA and its state affilliates doing about it?   In Professor Ingram's case, they have harrassed, vandalized, then stolen and allegedly burned his hives, destroying 15 precious years of bee research in trying to breed a chemical resistant queen bee.

The score?   Monsanto (who brought us Agent Orange in Vietnam) $$Billion$$.   Bees and Butterfly's 0 (zip)

How do they do it (or why do they it)?   Professor gave IDA agent Susan Kivikko a sample of comb his bees would not touch, and asked her to have it tested for chemicals.   Agent Kivikko took the sample and returned with the results.   She told Professor Ingram that his hive tested postive for "Foul Brood" disease and that he would have to destroy his hives, and oh, by the way, THE USDA LAB IN MARYLAND DOESNOT TEST FOR CHEMICALS!!!

Foul Brood disease is as common in a bee hive as bacteria is on your kitchen counter.   If you test most any hive sample and look hard enough, you will find it just as you would if you took a swab off your kitchen counter and put it in a petri dish.

Thus began the assault of the USDA to silence one of the most honored critics of Monsanto and their role in CCD and the destruction of America's food supply.   It is Rachel Carson's Silent Spring all over again.   Again it is the chemicals of a major multi-national chemical company just as it was with DDT, only now it is Round-Up and others, but this time, these corporations own the government.

Such is the definition of Facism, and this best defines the tactics used by the Illinois Dept of Ag to harass and persecute Professor Ingram into silence.   By vandalizing his hives over the winter, they directly caused "Chill Brood" death, caused by cold.    They then confused "Chill Brood" with "Foul Brood", because they do not educate the agents they send into the field and they don't know the difference.   They then stole Professor Ingram's hives while he and his wife were away in Texas at their daughters wedding, and then they burned and killed 15 years of research and bees, priceless, or at best valued at millions and billions of dollars, further placing at risk not only America's, but the entire World's food supply at continued risk.

In a kangaroo Ag Court, despite overwhelming proof neither agent Kivikko, her superiors, or the Ag Dept judge (who did not enter at the start of the proceedings, but was all ready seated when Professor Ingram arrived), could tell the obvious visual and oderous difference between "Foul Brood" death, and the "Chill Brood" death they caused to Professor Ingram's hives, this Ag governmental agency kangaroo  court found Professor Terrence Ingram guilty of the charge of keeping "Foul Brood" hives.

Professor Ingram is trying to sue the IL. Dept of Ag for their Nazi like tactics and the destruction of 15 years of priceless research to make America and our food supply secure from the "Crony Corporatism", which allows Monsanto and other giant multi-nationals to thrive on our bleaching white bones.  But this takes money, and Professor Ingram while being an active, post stroke, Octogenarian, he is not a rich man and suing the government on behalf of all living creatures is not cheap.

We will be starting a fund to finance Professor Ingram's fight for life, and so come back as things develop.  In the meantime, here is the link to the story as reported by Tom Kocal, of the Prairie Advocate,


You can reach Professor Ingram at


It is time to stand and take back America, see


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