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Recognize ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization

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For years a far-left organization known as Antifa (short for anti-fascist), a group active in both Europe and the United States, has caused violent riots during protest events. In the United  States, Antifa has made it one of their missions to use physical violence to silence and intimidate political detractors whom  they label as "fascists" in order to justify their use of violence. They threaten and assault reporters as well as anyone who dares to film them in a public place,  which is a violation of these individuals 1st amendment rights. They also make it no secret that they would like to cause instability in the United States. Antifa is active on college campuses and is responsible  for using violence and intimidation to silence conservative speakers, as we have seen them attempt recently at the University of Washington and accomplished recently at the University of California, Berkeley. This is a dangerous organization that acts with virtual impunity, as its members rarely face any consequences (they act in mobs and cover their faces) and they are becoming emboldened by the fact  that because they operate in such large groups that it is unlikely anything will happen to them. We want this group to be recognized for what  they are, a terrorist organization who's primary goal is to silence all detractors by force, to undermine our most fundamental liberties and to make supersizing first amendment rights subject to their approval. If left alone, this group will become more emboldened and will escalate their violent tactics,  which will cause other extremists who are against Antifa and what they stand for to take violent action as well. 

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