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US Media: Retract statements about Autism & issue an apology

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The Autism Community face challenges and ignorance every day, we deal with people whom have been misinformed or simply do not understand us.
We, as a community try to educate people and organisations about our conditions, and attempt to stop discrimination. We support each other and help each other through trying and challenging times.
We are now being faced with being tarnished as violent, mentally unstable and even homicidal due to a report in relation to the Connecticut shooting.
Allegedly the gunman had a condition called Aspergers Syndrome. Allegedly.
At this point in time, there is no hard evidence to support this allegation yet CNN and Piers Morgan have reported on it regardless.
CNN allowed Piers Morgan to interview a man whom is NOT an expert on Autism to slur the Autistic Community with no factual evidence to back up his statements.
Not only have CNN and Piers Morgan over stepped a moral line, they have also taken a term (Aspergers Syndrome) which as of May 2013 will no longer be recognised by the DSM, and demonised it.
People whom embrace their diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and count it as part of their identity will officially be on the Autism Spectrum but not have Aspergers Syndrome. Many people with Aspergers feel as though a part of their identity is being taken away from them.
Yet CNN and Piers Morgan have been allowed to hijack this identity and slur it. They have hijacked a condition that soon will no longer even exist, and turned many people against it.
This petition is important because major media corporations should NOT be allowed to demonise ANY community, with little to NO facts to go on.
CNN should be held accountable for their actions because if people do not take action they will do it again, and again.

This is not just about the Autistic Community, it is about ALL communities.

If we allow this to happen now, we will find it almost impossible to stop it in the future.

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