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Remove The Website" From The Internet And Have Its Owners Brought To Trial In A Court Of Law

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The porn industry is - as is well known by many - rather a seedy and often exploitative one, but most companies abide by a certain set of rules when conducting their business. Some of these rules are enforced by the law, whilst others are governed mainly by a sense human decency. There is clear evidence that the owners and full-time employees of the website "" have cast many of these rules aside, and in the name of humane treatment for sex-workers I assert that this website and all its videos be stricken from the internet, and its forerunners be tried in a court of law for their illegal and unethical activities.

There is a large genre of porn that caters to individuals with tastes centering around the underground practice of BDSM; BDSM is actually an amalgamation of three seperate acronyms, which stand for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and Sadism & Masochism. The mantra that every practicioner of BDSM is taught upon their very first exposure to it, the very slogan of the subculture is this: "Safe, Sane & Consensual".

My opinion is that when two adults engage in BDSM with clear and explicit consent, there is no problem provided that both enjoy it and that they are not hurting anyone else. Leading on from this, I posit that there is no problem inherent in the production of BDSM porn, so long as it is entirely clear that all performers involved fully consent to the acts they are participating in. If you will forgive my being theatrical: is a disgrace to the practice of BDSM. Female perfomers will be forced to participate in acts they do not consent to, and be unable to stop their male colleagues from putting them through this. Sex without consent is rape, which is illegal, and the fact that this company is profiting off rape sickens me. It is my honest and passionate belief that this absolutely must not be allowed to continue.


Through my research on this company's practices, I was able to find a rather telling article, containing links to a number of others. The article in question can be found here:

While all of the article is disturbing, a couple of the issues raised are downright illegal. First of all, there is the description of an act called the "Figure Whore", wherein a female actress is held in position with an erect penis down her throat. The actress was told beforehand that if it became too much for her, she could "tap out" on the male individual's thigh - like a non-verbal variation of what practicioners of BDSM will recognize as a "safe-word", which is a signal given that the activity being participated in is becoming too much. Safe-words and tapping out are both clearly-recognized and agreed-upon forms of withdrawal of consent. Continued sex with a person who has withdrawn consent is non-consentual sex - otherwise known as rape. Both performers agreed upon the tap-out as a signal to stop prior to the beginning of the scene, which means that the male performer knowingly had non-consensual sex with this woman for a short period of time, in spite of her struggling to break free of him. Not only is there a documented testimony of this, there is also videographic evidence.

While there is a case to be made that the actresses have agreed to participate in all acts detailed beforehand, the article I linked earlier raises the case that a large number of these women are made to partake in acts that have not been explained to them beforehand. Forcing people to participate in sexual acts which they have not agreed to in explicit terms is rape. As far as I have been able to find, there have been no proven cases of this happening, but I was able to discover that are in the habit of posting job listings on a website called I feel as though it could be enlightening to look at the acts detailed in their job-listing and compare them to the acts depicted in the video produced featuring whichever unfortunate young woman takes the job.

While both these things are outright illegal, another of the practices described in the blog post above is the company's highly immoral practice of bringing in "one and dones" - that is, young women completely new to the industry who have had no experience in the field of porn before. On their front page, proudly boast for an alarmingly large number of performers that it is "their first shoot". These are women with no experience in the practices involved in porn, and following what must clearly be a shocking and traumatic experience for them, they never return to the industry for a second video. Truthfully, this makes me a little sad. These are young hopeful women - all volunteers - pursuing an interest in what I can only imagine they hope will be an enjoyable career, and after a single video they flee, permanently shaken by the horrors they are put through. openly and quite gleefully brings in and uses up young inexperienced actresses who don't know any better and haven't been in the business long enough to put up defences, and while not illegal this practice is disgusting.

For these reasons, I feel that this website and its affiliates should be removed from the internet - their videos feature real depictions of rape, which could be damaging anyone watching, and for as long as the site is operational they will presumably continue to force women into acts they do not consent to in the production of their videos - and its owners and guilty male employees should be sent to court with their videos and testimonies from their female hirees submitted as evidence.

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