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Create and enforce candidate experience guidelines for employers. Conduct periodic audits and establish a way for candidates to report violations to ensure continued compliance.

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Candidate experience is one of the biggest issues facing job seekers and recruiters today. But since most companies spend more time focusing on compliance instead of candidate experience, the only solution seems to be to make candidate experience a compliance issue. This petition calls on the US Department of Labor and the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) to make the following provisions mandatory to current hiring guidelines:

1. Every employer must provide candidates with information on their career site or at the time of their application with the following information:

a. The individual steps in the hiring process, standardized by company or position and the defined time frames each step will take. Variations of these time frames, while expected, must be communicated to candidates who have not yet received notice of disqualification.

b. A copy of the company's approved candidate experience plan, which will be similar to an affirmative action or diversity hiring plan, outlining company expectations for candidates and what candidates can expect during the hiring process, commonly referred to as a "Candidate Bill of Rights." This document will be a legally binding contract and must be filed with state and federal agencies responsible for employment and labor law compliance.


2. Every employer must inform all candidates who apply when the position for which they applied has been filled within 24 hours of closing a requisition.

3. If a candidate interviews for a position in person, they must be contacted directly by a representative of the employer to notify them if they are not selected either by phone or in person. 

4. When a candidate is not selected, they will be provided with a list of positions currently open at the employer upon notification, and allowed one week to apply to these positions before they are disqualified in the employer's system. If no positions are available, the candidate has the right to opt-in to future communications alerting them of new opportunities.

5. Every employer must designate one or more employees as "candidate relations representatives" whose name and contact information must be filed with the Department of Labor and provided on posted job description for companies covered by US hiring laws (EOE/AA/OFCCP). Candidates have the right to contact this representative regarding job search related problems or issues without fear of remediation or retaliation by the employer or recruiter.

6. The US Department of Labor must create an e-mail address, toll free phone number, web site, etc. for candidates to report candidate experience violations. These will be collected and posted in a publically accessible online database; repeat offenders will be subject to fines and/or further legal remedies or remediations. All confirmed offenders shall be required to prominently post the complete findings of the investigation on their careers site and a link to this report must appear on all job postings for a period of one year and a follow up investigation determines no additional violations.

7. Any candidate or current employee who knowingly reports a false violation or fictitious incident for the any purpose, whether or not harm is intended, is subject to prosecution and employers have the right to pursue remediation for related damages.

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