Repeal the Newlands Resolution & Hawai'i Admission Act - Hawai'i Never Ceded Sovereignty !

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We, the people of Hawai'i, humbly request that the US Congress repeal the Newlands Resolution and the Hawai'i Admission Act based on the fact that the Newlands Resolution violates the limits of the Constitutional authority granted to Congress under Article 2 of the US Constitution, the Separation of Powers, which reserves the authority to engage in foreign affairs on behalf of the US government solely and exclusively to the Executive Branch of government, specifically the office of the President and the US State Department.

In our opinion the 56tha US Congress exceeded the limits of its constitutional authority and its primary role and function, which is to create US domestic legislation, when it unilaterally proclaimed the annexation of The Hawaiian Kingdom (Hawai'i) by the passing of the Newlands Resolution after the 55th Congress had voted to reject the ratification of the Hawai'i Annexation Treaty of 1897 based in significant part on the Ku'e Petitions which were a collection of petitions signed by the great majority of Hawaiian Kingdom subjects which made clear that the subjects of The Hawaiian Kingdom, citizens of the Sovereign Nation of Hawai'i, strongly rejected the idea of the annexation of their beloved nation to the US by asserting rather than ceding their nation's sovereignty. 

The successful repeal of the Newlands Resolution will effectively extinguish for all time the US claim of legal annexation of Hawai'i and all rights of possession of and legal authority and jurisdiction over Hawai'i and forever render such claims, rights, authority and jurisdiction forever invalid and extinguished for all time forevermore. 

The repeal of the Newlands Resolution will, as an added consequence, require and mandate the immediate repeal of the Hawai'i Admission Act since it is based on the wrongful belief that Hawai'i  is part of the US - which it is clearly not - and that, in passing the Hawai'i Admission Act, the US Congress once exceeded and violated the limitations of it's Constitutional authority by seeking to make a US state out of a foreign country (Hawai'i).

Here, now and by our collective signatures on this The Pono Petition we, the undersigned people of Hawai'i, do seek to restore Hawai'i to a state of "pono" which, in olelo Hawai'i - the Hawaiian language, refers to the state of being in harmony, balance, rightness and justice, forevermore by requesting of the US Congress that it immediately repeal The Newlands Resolution and The Hawai'i Admissions Act due to their unconstitutionality, lack of cession of Hawai'i's sovereignty and against the will of Hawaiian Kingdom subjects, the citizens of the nation of Hawai'i.  EO !

ali'i aloha aina and                      representative of The Hawaiian Monarchy 
on behalf of the people of Hawai'i