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Wild Horses sent to slaughter illegally!

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Dear Us Attorney Lynch,
I am writing you to lend my full support for you to prosecute Tom Davis and the BLM (Bureau of Land management) employees who broke federal law and illegally sent 1794 (and possibly thousands more) to slaughter.
You have received a letter asking for such action from Congressman Sam Farr and Congresswoman Lujan dated Dec.15th,2015.
It is your sworn duty, under God, to make sure these kind of illegal atrocities can not and must not happen in our country.

If the BLM can escape justice they will continue this slaughter.Our wild horses are going extinct due to BLM's illegal gathers and false records of counts.

Now they have been caught using tax payers money to send our wild ones to slaughter which is illegal under the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971

Also,by ignoring criminal prosecution of Tom Davis and all the BLM employees who allowed this terrible breach of trust to the American people and our wild horses, America and all the laws we live by become weakened, and a further unraveling of governmental laws becomes the norm that rots the soul of our government and all it is suppose to stand for.
You have sworn allegiance to the American people, not the criminals that are destroying our laws and our Country by ignoring those laws..

BLM has continually lied to the American people about their numbers and now we have proof of their lawlessness.

Please do the right thing for America. Save our wild ones to whom we owe so much to.

Horses brought us through history on their backs,they plowed our fields to feed us, they fought and died beside us in our wars and provided the transportation we needed that has brought us to where we are today.

We owe them this. You owe them this.

Thank you



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