Urgent: Stop the deportation of Victor R Chavez[A#072-654-887], father of (1) U.S. Child.

Urgent: Stop the deportation of Victor R Chavez[A#072-654-887], father of (1) U.S. Child.

June 14, 2017
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Started by Kuisman Mazariegos

Víctor R. Chávez Godoy [ A# 072-654-887], is the father and breadwinner of a U.S. citizen child, Jimmy R. Chavez, and the husband of Matias Muy Carillo -- who need him to stay in the United States.

Víctor R Chávez Godoy, could be deported back to Guatemala as early as next week.

Victor’s parents were killed during the Guatemala civil war, leaving him an orphan. He came to the United State more than 20 years ago to seek asylum. Since then, he has not returned to Guatemala. He has made the USA his home, starting a mechanics and tires business with his wife.

If Mr. Chavez is deported back to Guatemala this would be absolutely devastating for his family, his customers and his many friends in The town of Jupiter. Jimmy Chavez Muy, their son, is an honor roll student in the Palm Beach County Public School District.

On March 6, 2017; Mr. Chavez along with son Jimmy, accompanied his wife for an immigration hearing in Miramar, Fl. At the hearing Mrs. Chavez was cleared, but after leaving the hearing ICE officials stop to question the
family. Mr. Chavez then was detained by ICE for not having acceptable identification. Mr. Chavez has never been arrested.

Jimmy was present the day when his dad was ripped out of his
hand. With the situation escalating so quick, he was not able to give his dad one last hug and kiss. He finds it so hard to believe that this happening to him. When it comes time to eat Jimmy and his mom sit at dinner table, enough for a family of (3), thinking about the moments they spent together as a family.

Victor and his family attend church every Sunday and are very
active in the community. Victor helped to creat a soccer program in his neighborhood where kids come together to receive soccer training. Victor helps to fund this program, providing free training for the kids. Therefore,
Victor R. Chavez deserves a chance to present his immigration case before Immigration Court with a defense counsel.

Please sign the petition to respectfully request that the deportation of Mr. Víctor R Chávez Godoy be stopped, according to the guidelines for prosecutorial discretion. Victor should be released so that he may tend to his U.S. citizen Child.  


Please take a few minutes to call:

1)   Vladimir Diaz, DHS/ICE Public Affairs Officer: (954)-236-4909. 

2)   Rep. Brian Mast, FL # (202-225-3026)

3)   Senator Bill Nelson, FL  # (202-224-5274)

Say, "I am a community member of Víctor R Chávez Godoy, and I am calling to ask that Víctor R Chávez Godoy (#A 072-654-887), deportation be stopped and that he be granted discretion. Thank you."


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This petition had 3,752 supporters

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