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Urgent inquiry into death of Eyob Tefera & other refused asylum seekers made destitute.

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Eyob Tefera, a gentle, quiet, law abiding, teacher and university lecturer from Ethiopia became a destitute asylum seeker living in Swansea. Eyob was well known and liked by all at the drop in centres, churches and groups that he attended and where he volunteered in the community and would do his utmost to help people. He was a devout Christian and regular church goer. He was a talented footballer and excellent athlete, he captained and coached a local asylum seeker and refugee team who frequently played in tournaments all over Wales. He adored Swansea City Football Club and got to see them play once when he borrowed some money from a friend to be able to afford a ticket, he was very happy about this.

He was working on a fresh claim with support and access to specialised legal advice, he had been refused asylum because the judge did not believe he was from the Oromo people and was deserving of asylum, but documents had recently been obtained which proved he was Oromo so it was likely he would have won his case. He was very much a part of the community in Swansea and is sadly missed by all who knew and loved him. 

He lost his accommodation and without any money by the Home Office who incorrectly refused him asylum. He had no other option but to live in a homeless hostel with people with addictions some of whom were abusive. Friends tried to help but he had lost hope. In his last few weeks he attempted suicide but was denied help from psychiatric services. His friends and supporters knew he was unwell from the ordeals he had suffered, in his own country he narrowly escaped genocide and he was persecuted and almost murdered by soldiers working for the government for supporting Semayawi party, a liberal political party. On his journey to the UK in 2015. When  he finally got to Libya hen witnessed people being massacred and other terrible crimes when he was held in there in April 2015, ISIS occupied areas of Libya and kidnapped Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians. We believe he was trafficked to Egypt where he was forced to work. He survived the Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea to get to the UK. This would deeply traumatise anyone who experienced such atrocities. He was found dead in Swansea Marina on 14th September 2017.

Geraint Davies, Member of Parliament for Swansea West, in whose constituency Eyob was living, has written to the Right Honourable Amber Rudd, Member of Parliament, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Office, asking for a full inquiry into the circumstances of Eyob's death and for a review to be conducted into the support that is currently available to asylum seekers across the UK especially if their application is refused, which currently makes the person refused asylum destitute and stateless, without a home, any income or easy access to medical care. The terrible irony is that Eyob and many other people in his position have been refused asylum but are not allowed to return to their home country because the Home Office recognise it is too dangerous for them to return to the country that they have fled. Many who are vulnerable live homeless on our streets usually with untreated mental health issues and many end up dead on our streets by taking their own lives or are murdered, others end up working illegally in bad conditions in order to survive.

We believe that the treatment of vulnerable people who have been refused asylum and the right to remain in the UK is unacceptable and would be grateful if you, as our representative also write to the Right Honourable Amber Rudd, Member of Parliament, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Office, supporting these requests.

We wish that people seeking asylum, who have suffered so much, should be treated with respect and humanity and not left destitute on our streets and nor should they be deported or removed or held indefinitely in immigration detention, they are left without hope for a better life than the life they left and many so sadly see suicide as the only answer.

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  2. Write an email to the Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for the Home Office requesting an urgent full inquiry into the death if Eyob Tefera and as review into the treatment of people who ars refused asylum in the UK. Please feel free to use the Petition Letter on this page or write your own email to the Rt. Ho. Amber Rudd MP.

Thank you so much for your support and consideration. With your support we hope to draw attention to the issues affecting people who are refused asylum and put pressure on the government to rethink the treatment of people who have been through so much.

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