Stop Boys & Girls Club from taking access away from the community today. SUPPORT!

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URGENT: If you are concerned about the privatization of the Roberto Clemente field and want to push Boys and Girls Club to return it to public use, please sign the petition. These are the exact words of the petition:
"Roberto Clemente Field in the Southeast part of Lancaster City, has been a vibrant open field/park that has been used by the community for decades. It is the largest area of green space in this neighborhood and has been a place for people of all ages to gather for activities from sports to festivals. It was announced that the Boys and Girls Club of Lancaster has been leased the Roberto Clemente Field from the School District of Lancaster to renovate this field because of a grant they received. They plan to put a fence around this field which will have a locked gate. Locking the facility will literally keep out members of the community to whom this space has always been available.
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who demand the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster to keep the Roberto Clemente Field Open and accessible to the public."