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ASYLUM FOR AMIR! The suffering continues! Greek asylum procedures kill refugees hope!

At 13.00 on Friday, 1 June Amir Hampay was released from prison on Lesvos Island.

We are delighted at this news but also very much aware that the delicacy of his situation continues.

Amir Hampay is still held on the island of Lesvos and unable to travel to Athens to be with his brother, whose support he needs very much.

 He is still without his asylum accepted by the authorities and papers issued.

 There is a reprieve here which we hope will give time for a logical and humane decision to be brought to this situation.

 We want a consistent approach! The humiliating treatment of  brothers Arash and Amir AND of thousands of refugees worldwide  is unacceptable,  can no way be justified.

Asylum for Arash means logically Asylum for brother Amir! They lived  the same trauma, fled from the same danger and hope for the same freedom!!!

Amir Hampay and Arash Hampay fled from dictatorship and torture or death by hanging in Iran. They lost their father and brother to the dictatorship in Iran, their mother suffered the worst losses to imagine in life, with her many many others in Iran!  The brothers arrived in Greece, Lesvos island. They never gave up HOPE for a free life!

For more that TWO years AMIR has been waiting for his asylum. Arash got his asylum earlier on Lesvos and was forced by authorities  to leave the island because he exposed the shameful situation of Moria refugee concentration camp! He could not just sit and watch injustice being done to human beings, he fled Iran because of that! The brothers arrived in EU to experience a dictatorial behaviour worse than Iran, because EU pretends to be democratic and respect human rights! Their hope was destroyed! The desillusion was traumatic. Hungerstrike and prison, insecurity, being left without rights and treated by the least respect was their new daily life in Greece.

Arash has been granted asylum and forced to leave his brother on lesvos island, Arash officially was sent to Athens! While in Athens the authorities jailed his brother Amir! The despair is full blown!

Both brothers have the same reasons for asking asylum!

Stealing Amir from Arash and Arash from Amir is a CRIME!

Arash reports desperately:

I don't want
Your ID card, your passport, I don't want them,
I don't want anything from you. Just give me my brother. Let the #hostage leave from the island that even your mayor doesn't want us there.
Give my #brother back to me or deport both of us to Turkey, Iran or whatever hell you want. We prefer to die rather than waiting everyday like this and separate.
We want to leave your civilized and beautiful country. Even from the beginning our destination wasn't your country. Just leave my brother and we will leave your country as soon as is possible.
Give him back to me soon..
Amir Hampay �
#Police #syriza #siryza #greece #lesvos

Neither the Greek Government nor the United Nations, nor the European Union nor the European Governments  have shown any response  or compassion to the human tragedy of the refugees on the Greek islands as well as in other refugee camps, especially Moria camp on Lesvos!
Women, children, men, all left to most dirty circumstances of rubbish all over the camp. Children died, refugees got into fights and died!

UNHRC and EU are clearly failing!


Open the borders and end the persecution, imprisonment and deportation of refugees. Have faith in humanity like you have faith in democratic legislation and refugee convention 1951 ! If you have faith in yourself, you have faith in the refugees; those who are seeking safety like you, like all of us! Refugees are humans like us! Refugees have rights! Refugees should never end up in your jails! Your jails kill hope, your jails kill dreams, your jails just kill democracy itself!