Urge Governor Brown to Speak on Toxic Poisons Dumped into our Ocean in San Diego County.

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Governor Brown needs to speak to his people Now. US and Mexican citizens are suffering a public health emergency in San Diego. Uncontrolled Toxic Waste from dilapidated sewage infrastructure on both sides of the border is allowing billions of gallons to freely pour into protected lands and pristine State Park beaches at Friendship Park at our shared southernmost border with Mexico. Marine mammals and sea birds are dying. Surfers are getting sick. Mexican immigrants trusting the Sanctuary State Law are crossing into the US and being sickened or even drowning in that filth and poison. Horse ranches and organic farms are being forced to close due to contamination. Admirals are writing letters that Naval bases are eroding. Naval SEALs are unable to train in their local base waters, Border Guards are suffering chemical burns on their feet. Protected plant and bird species are being killed. The Ocean is being poisoned. While the Governor of the Great State of California is unwilling to speak or visit the toxic field and river at the Tijuana San/Ysidro Border.  He is endangering the very South Americans and other undocumented crossers that he assured Sanctuary to. He is denying he has jurisdiction over California Territory. He is betraying two Country States by his position that the US Federal Government and Mexican Republic have him impotent. Our elected Governor should not be allowed to ignore this binational poisoning. He has authority over the CA Water Board and over the California EPA and testing labs. He has the power to call in Hazmat TEAMs. He has the power to work with Mexico to solve the problem, but does not reach out to Mexico. He cares neither for Mexicans or Americans who live and work  along his State border region. His Sanctuary Promise is a lie. Arizona had the same problem recently along their border, and that governor called a state of emergency and acted on behalf of all the people along the border to ensure public health. Governor Brown, we need a public statement from you that you are committed to the environment and public health of Mexicans you swore to protect and citizens your State you are obligated to protect. 

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