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With the popular series "Black in America," CNN shed light on the black American experience. Considering the vast amount of misinformation regarding sexual orientation, social attitudes, homophobia and rising support for gay equality, encourage CNN to tell the story of gay life in America. American LGBT is a community of unsung heroes, unimaginable hardship, expressive culture and a unique American experience that major news networks have, in many respects, failed to capture.

Contact CNN's team and request a similar documentary for the LGBT community; "Gay in America."

Letter to
CNN Rick Davis
CNN Anderson Cooper
CNN Kathy Slobogin
I believe your "Black in America" and "Latin in America" series are important tools for building a social bridge highlighting the accomplishments and adversities of minorities in this country and encouraging imperative dialogue.

I urge you to consider a similar style documentary for American gays. Now is the perfect time for a major news network to put the story of gay life in America, an experience that is both challenging and inspirational, on a national platform.

Topics to examine include religious persecution, bullying in schools and discrimination from families, neighborhoods, work-places and even the federal government. DADT has cost 12,000+ military employees their careers. DOMA, which denies same-sex couples the 1,500+ federal benefits of marriage, creates legal barriers for gay relationships including visiting partners in the emergency room, tax breaks and adoption. 30% of teen suicides are directly related to sexual orientation/identity and HIV/AIDS continues to ravage the gay community in disproportionate numbers. Homophobia coupled with racism and sexism create barriers for gay/bisexual women and racial minorities.

In the midst of this affliction a unique, defiant cultural identity has been established as well as a grassroots political campaign to achieve equality. In the past decade six states have legalized gay marriage and many states and cities have enacted policies that bring gay Americans closer to full citizenship. Meanwhile, science continues to offer new information on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Overall, American gays are a community of leaders, activists, artists, teachers, parents, soldiers, daughters and families, ordinary citizens with amazing, courageous stories that need to be shared. I believe CNN has the capacity to present this topic in an informative, progressive manner.

Thank you for your time and consideration.