UPS: Reinstate Dustin Ponder Immediately

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On Friday, June 8, Dustin Ponder - chief steward on the day sort at the UPS River City hub of Jacksonville, FL - was walked out of his building by Division Manager Terrence Thomas in retaliation for union activity. We want to be very clear about what is happening here: the Company is trying to illegally fire Dustin because he has been consistently fighting for each and every one of his coworkers on the job.

UPS management wants to fire Dustin for filing grievances (over 50 in 2018 alone), for fighting back against harassment, and for handing out flyers to keep his coworkers informed on the current contract negotiations, including last month's pivotal strike authorization vote. These actions are all protected under both our contract and federal labor law.

Teamsters in Jacksonville started this petition to demand the immediate reinstatement of our brother and chief steward, Dustin Ponder. UPS's actions against Dustin are an attack on all of us, and a clear violation of our rights as union members. Dustin stands up for all of us - it's time to stand up for him.