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Upgrade & Improve Khatib Skatepark

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Khatib Skatepark
This facility was built 6-7 years ago. It was an amazing effort to include action sports to the development of this space. At that moment in time, there is a lack of professional skateboarding specialist available in Singapore to provide the best approach to developing such a facility. Hence, development was tendered to Playground companies with little to no knowledge of skateboarding needs & community’s interest. Plastic modular ramps is a poor choice for a facility construction.

Fast forward to 2017
Due to the lack of poor development & product equipment purchased, the facility is fast deteriorating. These factors lead to low user count and facility deemed dysfunctional as they do not meet user's needs. 

Current State of Khatib Skatepark
link to photos please click here.

Evolution of the Skateboarding: Then & Now
Plastic ramps similar to the one present at Yishun St 81 is considered the lack of relevance due to its design features based on how skateboarding has grown & evolve. Our aim is to design a modern skateboarding facility that will set an example & standard for skateboarding facilities in other HDB Towns around Singapore.

Yishun Estate
With a resident population of 250,000, Yishun residents enjoy plenty of tradition sporting facilities such as basketball court, street soccer, badminton, etc across our estate. We believe Yishun could use at least 1 decent skateboarding facility in its estate centre to serve its youthful residents.

Concrete Skateboarding Facility
Concrete is by far the better solution for skatepark construction. The benefits of concrete eclipse those of wood or steel ramp-style parks in every way.
Design: Concrete skateparks, particularly custom designs (as opposed to precast concrete), deliver a unique facility that your skateboarding community can be proud of. These skate parks reflect the unique qualities of your community.
Cost: While the initial design and construction expenses of cast-in-place concrete are higher than prefabricated ramps, over the life of the facility the cost is quickly recouped in durability. With more than two decades of experience to draw from, prefabricated skateboarding ramps have consistently demonstrated a pattern of structural failure. The maintenance costs of these structures grows cumulatively larger until the ramps themselves are retired. Communities across the nation are looking today to replace their wood and steel skate parks with concrete.
Appeal: Skateboarders prefer concrete. The appeal of the new concrete skatepark will incubate pride in the facility.

There are no instances where prefabricated wood or steel ramps are the best solutions for a heavily-trafficked outdoor public skatepark.

Skateboarding Community
Singapore skateboarding community is in dire need of a relevant & functional training facility that is accessible and within residential range. With the ONLY high-quality facility available at East Coast. If we could design a creative & high-quality facility in Yishun. We hope to set a positive impact on the residents & quality of Skateboarding talents in Singapore that will eventually represent the nation on international platforms and the Olympics! However, we have to start right at home.

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