Fire McDonald managers on 2200 N Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC

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The injustice done to a homeless man at this McDonald’s location in Myrtle Beach. The video is trending on social media and throughout the news. The police was called on a homeless man whom the management claims was asking for money outside their establishment (parking lot). Yossi Gallo, the person who recorded the incident inside the McDonalds, was the person who brought the homeless man (Mr. James Davis) from outside and paid for a meal for himself and for Mr. Davis. Gallo in the video stated that he brought Mr. Davis from across the street. Gallo and Mr. Davis were asked to leave the premises and were banned from that McDonald’s location.  Gallo asked to have his money refunded, but the officer said that she was not a “civil court” and that he would need to contact McDonald’s corporate office. The officer stated that there had been complaints about Mr. Davis asking for money. We of course would like to see the calls of complaints that were made.  But anyway, there are thousands of homeless people in America. Instead of publicly humiliating Mr. Davis and not let him enjoy a warm meal which he probably hadn’t had in who knows how long, they should’ve done what Yossi Gallo did, help a brother in the time of need. I’m glad Yossi stood up for this man and we cannot let this injustice go by. We all have hearts and we know what’s right and what’s wrong. We definitely know that this McDonald’s location was wrong for what they did. That the management and the Myrtle Beach police officer did a cruel, horrible thing to someone who couldn’t defend himself. Thanks Yossi for standing up! We need the management to be fired and on top of that, the management as well as the Myrtle Beach police officer needs to publicly apologize to Mr. James Davis.