We Want UWI Campus Secured NOW!

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It is no secret that many have been very vocal about the lack of proper or effective security at UWI. And no matter how outrageous the entire situation is, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been done to improve the security conditions on campus. This is now bordering on depraved indifference by the institution and now, in my opinion, UWI is a high risk facility.

If you have a child in secondary school you will soon be faced with the fact that your child will be attending this University in the future. Do you feel comfortable with that? If you have a child on campus are you satisfied that the University is doing all that it can to protect your child?

It seems as though good sense in not prevailing in this instance and that these cries are being met with strong arrogance from management.

It is time to petition for better security that works and if need be, take this to the government. We MUST FIND a way to protect on children on campus. Seeking an education must NEVER BE a high risk decision!!!

Please sign this petition and help us to help our children.

This can only be solved if the government steps in and deals with this situation since this is one of the nation's premier educational institutions and clearly the management at UWI does not think the safety of its staff and students is a necessity.