UAL Petition:Petition For Online Teaching in UAL under COVID-19 Threat

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In the past few days, the confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK has jumped to 115 till the petition’s written.
Two confirmed cases were just close to LCF Holborn campus.

In this situation, UAL’s response and update about COVID-19 are untimely and insufficient, which cannot really reassure students. Students and staff who feel unwell is not well-instructed to stay at home. UAL did not inform students a plan in case of virus outbreak.

We think UAL ought to reiterate that:

  1. Any student/staff with symptoms should contact the NHS, report to Uni, and doing self-isolate at home.
  2. Students who fear to attend big gatherings such as lectures could be issued an authorised-absence .
  3. Online classes! Tutors can upload lecture videos to moodle just like what they did  in Better Lives Unit. And use skype tutorial to solve teaching problems.