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Include UKIP candidate Nigel Carter in the election debate in March.

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The Politics Society at the University of Sussex is organising a debate for the Brighton Pavilion general election candidates, on Wednesday 4th March. Despite the Politics Society themselves inviting UKIP candidate Nigel Carter, in a shocking abuse of their power of oversight, the Students' Union has decided to exclude him, justifying this publicly with an arbitrary cut-off requirement to participate in the debate of having achieved 5% of the vote in the constituency in the general election in 2010, a workaround which allows them to invite the Green Party, but exclude and censor UKIP. This displays a wilful ignorance of the developments of the past 5 years, in which UKIP have become the first party other than Labour and the Conservatives to win a national election in over a century, and have gone from polling a couple of percent, to now frequently polling more than the Liberal Democrats and Greens put together. During the debate over whether to invite UKIP or not, acting chair of the Executive Committee Vee Cartwright is quoted as saying, "Why should we invite them? Is it to be 'ooooh freedom of speech' to people who are genuinely disgusting? I have no time for their speech." When the acting chair of a committee is quoted as saying that UKIP should be excluded because she has "no time for their speech", it is clear that this decision has nothing to do with having fair debates, and everything to do with censorship. Sign this petition to stand up for freedom of speech, and send a message to the Students' Union that it is not up to them to decide what views students are entitled to hear.

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