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Revoke Mayzer Muhammad's position as UST undergraduate president

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The president of Undergraduate Student Government Mayzer Muhammad has incited for violence against Jews on his Twitter account. “@Zainwadi13 the yahood [the Jews] will get what coming for them Insha’Allah.” On July 2, 2014
“Imma start stealing candy bars so I can help my niggas in Palestine. #KaluQuotes @kKass1m looool.” On June 10, 2012
“100 candy bars = 1 Grenade let’s do this. #KaluQuotes @kkass1m.” On June 10, 2012"

In addition to being a message of intimidation, it seems he is violation of the schools code of ethics listed below.
Section 5: Ethical Code of Conduct
A. As a member of the only elected, representative body of the undergraduate student body of the University of St. Thomas, a Council member is called to act in a responsible, honorable and respectful fashion during the course of their term.
1. Violations of the Ethical Code of Conduct:
i. Disciplinary actions or procedures by the University.
ii. Incompetence, negligence and unsatisfactory reportage.
iii. Nonfeasance (failure to perform an official duty of the Members elected position as outlined by this living document).
iv. Malfeasance or Conduct Unbecoming of a Counci lmember. Examples include, but are not limited to, destruction of property, verbal or physical harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, slander or defamation of character, human rights violations, plagiarism, and academic dishonestly.
v. Use of a Members position for personal gain not relating to the greater good of the Council, University or Constituency which they represent, as determined by the committee.B. The President and the USG Advisors shall review all ethics violations. In the case of a violation by the President, the Executive Vice President and USG Advisors shall review the issue

By signing this petition, you agree Mayzer should be removed from his position as president of the undergraduate student body and/or face expulsion from the University of St. Thomas for his antisemitic behavior.

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