37 weeks PREGNANT and FIRED from UCSF!

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Rebekah Trias has been a highly-skilled Surgical Technician at UCSF Medical Center for almost 4 years. She is regularly commended by Nurses and Surgeons alike, loves to volunteer, serves on the Education and Innovation Committee, and  consistently contributes to the development of safe surgical practices, optimizing patient care. Rebekah is expecting baby #3 next month!

Rebekah has experienced a difficult pregnancy and has a history of miscarriage. On Feb. 9, 2018 her doctor gave her an order for modified duties at work. Rebekah immediately notified her then manager (who has since been terminated) that upon her return to work she required modified duties. Rebekah's manager stated that there were no modified duties available. She and Rebekah can discuss when Rebekah returns to work. Four days later, on Feb. 13, 2018 Rebekah returned to work. She worked half of her shift at full duty when her manager called a meeting. Rebekah assumed it was to discuss modified duties. Instead, Rebekah's manager served her a Letter of Intent to Terminate. Rebekah had no union representation at this meeting. Rebekah was ordered to immediately surrender her badge, clear her locker, and was escorted off the premises. March 22, 2018 Rebekah was officially terminated from UCSF. UCSF claims Rebekah had excessive tardies from previous years, although they failed to provide employee requested documentation supporting their claims. In addition, in a review with Rebekah's department Director, Wayne Little, held March 27, 2018 she was nonchalantly asked what pregnancy number this was. UCSF has failed to provide Rebekah with a fair investigation and is discriminating against a pregnant woman!

Undoubtedly, these events have put Rebekah under an extreme amount of stress. Rebekah no longer has her career, her reputation at UCSF is tarnished, and her family's health benefits are GONE. In addition to being a mother of 2 toddler boys and expecting baby #3 any day now, she was in escrow to buy a home. Rebekah has worked the last 4 years to make this happen for her family and the home was theirs in just a few weeks. Their first home. Because Rebekah has been wrongfully terminated and discriminated against, she is now "unemployed" and they had to resign their contract. They LOST their HOME, the home her boys were going to grow up in, because UCSF unjustly fired her. Just like that.

We need YOUR support! It must be known that this type of discrimination and singling out pregnant women will not be tolerated! Rebekah deserves FAIR TREATMENT! If this was happening to your mother, sister, daughter, anyone you love, you would want them to be treated fairly!  UCSF DOES NOT CARE about their workers! Look at how they treated this highly regarded Surgical Technician. 37 weeks PREGNANT and FIRED.