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Stop testing & researching on animals at the University of Portsmouth

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The University of Portsmouth uses a number of animals in scientific procedures despite alternative non-animal methods being readily available and invest money into this. We are asking the University of Portsmouth to stop using animals as there are other non-animal methods readily available and many other universities managing to not use animals.

Examples of non-animal methods are:

  • Using cells, tissues & organs that have been grown in labs or obtained from post-mortems/clinical cases
  • Computer aided drug discovery and development 
  • "Organ on a chip" technology to mimic tumour environments 
  • Audio-visual and haptic resources to educate and train students 

Since 2015, The University of Portsmouth have used the following: 

  • Mice, frogs & rats for scientific procedures 
  • Catsharks, sea breams and crabs for dissections 
  • Starfish, shrimp and marine worms for observation in biology labs
  • For non-regulated procedures, macaques (a type of monkey) are observed within zoos and Sun Bears at a centre 
  • Invertebrates which are taken from the wild and analysed and observed

The University of Portsmouth are a registered breeder for frogs and generally breed their own however they also receive a small number of genetically altered frogs from labs around the world for "safe keeping" as they are an international repository for such “lines” of frogs. 

Under the law an animal that has undergone a regulated procedure must be "humanely" killed. This is what happens to all the animals except to frogs that have been used for breeding and they have special permission to use them FIFTEEN times. An animal cannot be "humanely killed" when it does not want to die. 

If there are cruelty free options available, why wouldn't you choose this option? Please sign this petition and make your voice heard!



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