Otago University Proctor Resignation Demand

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We are submitting this demand for the resignation of Dave Scott and an official condemnation of his methods from the University of Otago.

The reasons for this demand is straightforward - we feel that he has abused his position of power within our community as the disciplinary representative of the university. He has committed potentially illegal acts, broken the trust of this community, and engaged in these practices as a methodical pattern of behaviour.

Entering flats through the back door unannounced, whilst knowingly occupying such a powerful role, is unacceptable. Many of these students are just getting used to living on their own, to having a space that is truly theirs to be comfortable and secure in. To destroy this safety, this security, is something that would have a knock on effect throughout the lives of these students. Imagine never really feeling relaxed in your lounge ever again, wondering if the proctor was about to walk in.

Stealing the property of these students is just as unacceptable, with his excuse being that otherwise he would have to hand them in to the police. These are not the only two options the proctor of Otago University had available, surely a warning would have sufficed. Either way, he has no legal right to seize the property of students.

The institution of Otago university should consider the effect that this now viral story will have on future enrollments, and the image which the university wishes to project. Does the University of Otago endorse his questionable tactics? So far their two media releases have both been in support of the proctor. They need to condemn his behaviour, otherwise they are officially endorsing his methods - and setting a dangerous precedent for the scope of student disciplinary powers.

The proctorial role should be an ambassadorial one, above and beyond being a merely disciplinarian one. The proctor should be actively cultivating positive relationships with the communities he is supposedly stewarding, as opposed to engaging in intimidation and antagonistic power plays.

He should be building bridges, not smashing bongs.


Josh Smythe