Reinstatement of the 905 Hopper Bus Service

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The 905 hopper bus service for Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation students at the University of Nottingham has been canceled for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

  • We demand a reinstatement of the service

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Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation students at the University of Nottingham are deeply concerned that the 905 hopper bus service to City Hospital has been cancelled without consultation from the student body.

We was first notified of this change via an email entitled “An SU win: Hopper Bus improvements” on the 04/06/18 which informs the reader that the service will not be running and we can use the MediLink service. This was confirmed by interactions students have had with the Student Union on social media.

Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation students are in a unique position due to being based at a satellite campus at City Hospital (5 miles from campus) and this makes transport to the site difficult and also isolating as students feel that they are separate to the university. Also, due to the nature of the courses we have many early starts and high contact hours due to our demanding courses and this requires commuting to City Hospital at peak times.

The use of the MediLink is not new to our students and has several issues. The MediLink service is designed for patients and staff of the hospitals and is funded by the city council. We have always used the MediLink service if either the Hopper bus is full or during the day where the service has capacity for students. However, MediLink buses are of small capacity and will not pick up passengers once full which results in a situation whereby several buses can pass passengers before picking up any due to high demand. This will lead to stranded students at the start and end of the day. This change will directly affect the student body.

This petition is a result of students of  Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation course not being consulted before this cancelation of the bus service. 

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