Free Tampons and Pads on UNE’s Biddeford Campus

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Have you ever walked into a public bathroom with a toilet paper dispenser? Have you ever had to insert 25 cents into a broken and dusty machine on the wall that hopefully will spit out a small amount of toilet paper? No. Why is that? Toilet paper is a necessity. How would we go about our day if there was not an accessible amount of toilet paper? Now, what if you got your period in class with no sanitary products on hand? How are you supposed to learn if you are forced to “make your own” sanitary product and hope that you won’t end up with an embarrassing stain.
Condoms, paper towels, toilet paper, seat covers, and soap are all free on this campus. Why are pads and tampons not? Periods are not scheduled to come at an exact certain time. It can always come unexpectedly. A week early? A week late? How are we supposed to learn if we aren’t given the proper equipment to handle our bodily functions?
69.4% of the student body at UNE are made up of women. Assuming that all these women get their periods, that means that more than half of the students at UNE menstruate. 62.5% of the faculty here at UNE are women. Assuming that all of these women get their periods, more than half of the staff at UNE menstruate.

Sign the petition if you believe we should feel comfortable and able to participate in our education without distraction. 

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