UMN Law Must Provide Adequate PPE for Students

UMN Law Must Provide Adequate PPE for Students

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Started by Carli Cortina

The University of Minnesota Law School has announced that classes will return in person on January 18. We have been presented with limited guidance-- "wear a mask, get vaccinated, get tested, omicron is mild." The reality is that Boynton Health is booked weeks out for booster shoots, effective PPE is expensive or inaccessible, and testing is difficult to find. 

Recent data suggests that cloth masks are only effective at preventing transmission from an infected to an uninfected person for under 30 minutes. We are expected to return to in-person classes with only a "face covering" requirement. Omicron is highly transmissible, and forcing us to go back in person without effective masks (KN95, N95) is knowing exposing every student, professor, and university employee to a dangerous virus. 

Using the idea that "omicron is mild" ignores the health of students and faculty with health conditions that make them more vulnerable. There are many health conditions that increase vulnerability, including diabetes and mental health conditions/mood disorders. The law school has asserted that it cares about the mental health of students, but requiring in-person classes turns a blind eye to the health ramifications of covid on students with mental health conditions. 

We do not want to spend another semester on Zoom. However, it is simply unsafe to return in-person until the proper protocols are enacted.

The law school's affinity council requests that the law school takes action by providing PPE to students, providing tests, and providing hybrid options for all classes

Please refer to the letter to the Dean of UMN Law for further information. 

206 have signed. Let’s get to 500!