Hold @Egytpihana on TikTok accountable for her homophobic content.

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Hana Abdelshafy, a student at UMBC has gone viral making numerous videos specifically targeting Queer Muslims on TikTok. She has described LGBTQ people as being "lower than animals" and "disgusting," claims that being gay is a choice, and claimed that anyone who identifies as a Queer Muslim "Better watch out." This is not only harmful and creating an unsafe environment for LGBTQ students but it escalates tensions between LGBTQ students and Muslims on campus, putting those who identify as both at risk. It's a bad representation of the Muslim community, and may only contribute to Islamophobia on campus. After being emailed by thousands, rather than instilling consequences, the University is protecting her by offering her accommodations on her final exams. This action shows they do not care about their queer community at all. This petition is being signed to ask UMBC to instill some sort of consequence, even something as small as a public apology as many of their students are feeling alienated and like it's unsafe to attend their learning institution. By protecting Hana UMBC only displays a lack of care for vulnerable students and is promoting an unsafe environment for many.