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No Geese Culling at the University of Manitoba

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We, the undersigned, insist on the cessation of all culling of Canada Goose eggs on University of Manitoba campuses, as well as all other harmful (physical, psychological, or otherwise) methods being used to manage their population.

As members of the University community, and individuals who cohabitate with wildlife on the premises, we are taking this position because:

1. There is no evidence that the presence of Canada Geese (or their eggs) on U of M campuses poses a significant danger to human health, beyond the mundane risks that one can expect to face when navigating around the large number of human occupants of the U of M campuses.

2. Any mild risks associated with the presence of geese on campus can be further minimized by putting resources into educating individuals about how to safely cohabitate with wildlife. Such educational experiences would provide an invaluable service to the broader Manitoba community, since the ongoing encroachment of human communities on wildlife habitats will very likely continue. Such educational efforts would also represent a unique opportunity to enhance the University of Manitoba student experience, which is one of the University of Manitoba’s strategic priorities.

3. Canada Geese are incredibly loyal to their flock. For example, geese will stay with injured mates, even if it means risking their own lives. Although this commitment means they can become territorial, and sometimes they can be vocal about it, it is very unlikely that a goose will attack unless it is provoked or threatened.  

4. In the spirit of Inclusivity, Diversity, and Innovation, which represent core priority commitments for the University of Manitoba, our goal should be to educate our community on respectful cohabitation and to learn to share the land we’ve built on.

The University of Manitoba Strategic Plan 2015-2020 sets out to answer the question, “What future are we going to create?” As members of the University of Manitoba community, we ask that you consider the future and well-being of EVERY LIFE inhabiting our campuses, and not just the well-being and lives of our students and employees. Please also feel welcome to sign the petition, even if you are not a student or staff member of the University of Manitoba. Universities represent the values of the communities and nations that host them. They belong to everyone and it is up to everyone to insist that they uphold the highest standards of conduct with respect to the treatment of both humans and animals.

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Canada geese and gosling. Flickr (Candy Schwartz). 


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