University of Leicester should re-consider the appointment of David Willets as Chancellor

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The University of Leicester has recently confirmed David Willets as its new Chancellor - the former Conservative Party MP and Universities and Science Minister.

In 2010, David Willets oversaw the increase in University tuition fees to a maximum £9000 – an amount he stated as ‘fair and affordable’. In the last few years, this rise in tuition fees and personal debt has been linked to a 28% increase in the number of university students seeking counselling and represents a significant step towards the marketisation of education.

In 2011, Willets criticised feminism and the increase in working women for damaging the social mobility of working class men. The presence of women and working class men are not mutually exclusive, and arguing so, reinforces the idea that middle class men should be the dominant post-holders, and it is up to the women and the working classes to fight over the rest.

We believe that this appointment is at odds with the HeForShe values of the University and is an insult to Leicester students. Please re-consider this appointment.