Don't sell the students' radio station WUEV, petition to University of Evansville

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As the deadline is this Friday, June 28, please upload your letters of concerns now to and ask the FCC to investigate and stop the license transfer be stopped form 91.5 FM WUEV to WAY-INC (WE NEED YOUR LETTER IT HELPS)  and KEEP sharing this petition and....tell the FCC that the University of Evansville should be investigated for their mishandling of the license transfer, include these reasons and your objection, and also mention UE's failure to give a public notice. 

Put attention to "Office of the Secretary" and include the name" 91.5 FM WUEV sale to WAY FM" and also Document #  BALED-20190528AAM.

According to the FCC's site, they must be uploaded by midnight EST on the date of the deadline, which is this Friday. While you can still write to the FCC below, time is tight unless you overnight.


 Federal Communications Commission Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau,

ATTN: Office of the Secretary

445 12th Street, S.W.

Washington, D.C., 20554

UE hasn't even announced the 30 day comment period as they want to intentionally exclude supporters from objecting to the FCC. The FCC holds non-profit stations to a high standard, so your letter can help stop the sale. 

While UE announced it plans to sell WUEV to WAY-FM on 5/17/19, it is NOT a done deal as it must be approved by the FCC.

UE knows they may have an uphill battle, and with your help we can win. 

Again, keep sharing this petition. Thank you


Care about radio and students? We do. College radio and free press for students matter on campuses. Please sign the petition NOW to the University of Evansville (UE) in Indiana, USA and the Board of students to NOT sell 91.5 WUEV - the students' radio station since 1950.

UE has confirmed they're considering selling it to an outside party. 

First, please sign this petition now so we can show more numbers.

Second, will you please take a few minutes today and send a quick email the entire UE Board of Trustees copying and pasting their addresses in bold at the bottom of this message? We compiled these publicly available addresses. Paste them into the "TO:" of an email to send to Trustees all at once.

If you have time to read more background on this situation below, we welcome you to. If not, thank you for your signature here now and for sharing it on your social media. 

UE leaders and The Board of Trustees should do everything in their power to keep and improve WUEV.  Because administrators have been secretive about this issue, they definitely haven't lived up to this. 

If they are to sell WUEV, it should only be after a great length of conversation with alumni, students, and community with an agreeable plan to move forward. We can assure this has not happened yet. 

If there was ever such a plan to sell WUEV, which we hope there would never be, we would urge UE to keep the name WUEV which already has a strong digital online live streaming and popular presence. 

While "lack of student interest" was given as a reason for selling WUEV by some UE leaders, there is more to the story.

Current WUEV students have recently not been allowed to seek new student involvement through activity fairs in 2017-2018 which solicit interest on campus. Current WUEV students say it feels like there is an intentional effort by some leaders at UE to decrease interest for the station.

Since nearly 2016, UE has not provided recent WUEV students with a dedicated station manager. The current interim station manager has limited hours because she also has another full-time job at UE.

With strong listenership both online and in the community, the award-winning WUEV has always been important to the campus community, the Tri-State area of Evansville, and the global online community. The internet stream at WUEV started in the 1990s as one of the first radio streaming broadcasts in the USA. 

In 2005, the University of Evansville received strong opposition when it announced it was considering selling WUEV's license. Before entering into a sale, UE asked for feedback from students and community and received strong opposition.

Unfortunately, in 2018, during this similar situation, UE leaders are behaving differently and hardly wanting to listen to students and the community. 

The loss of WUEV would be a damaging loss to both our campus and community. Future UE students would not have the same opportunities to learn and a non-commercial radio station voice which is vital to the Tri-Sate will be lost. 

Regardless of the potential monetary benefit to UE, current and future UE students want to trust UE with the hope that other student programs won't be put on a chopping block. A few UE representatives have recently said that they see no "academic value" to keep WUEV and that it doesn't "relate" to UE's current academic program. 

Practicing and strengthening communication skills in front of a live audience, learning real-life management skills and shaping a product that is enjoyed by the public only begin to describe what students can learn at WUEV.

We reject this “academic” excuse because it is incorrect.

We hope this same argument would never be applied to other important UE student programs which may not necessarily be tied to an “academic” program, but which also enhance the student experience.

Isn’t this one of the most important parts of the college experience for all clubs, groups, societies, sororities, fraternities etc? 

UE, let's work together to save and strengthen WUEV and do right by current and future students.

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