Keep Mrs. Ramona Wilson and Dr. Barret Michalec in Their Current HPEC Positions

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The University of Delaware's Department of Biological Sciences in collaboration with The Center for Premedical and Health Profession Studies has recently made the decision to replace Mrs. Ramona Wilson's position as Academic Advisor to the Committee (HPEC). While Mrs. Wilson will still hold her position in the biology department, she will no longer be involved in pre-health professional advising. As a result of this decision, Dr. Barret Michalec has decided to step down from his position as Director of HPEC. The University's decision to do this will have a clear negative impact on the pre-professional community at UD. Many pre-professional students work closely with both Mrs. Wilson and Dr. Michalec and know how their many years of dedicated experience cannot be replaced. Out of concern for the future sustainability and quality of pre-health professional/ HPEC advisement, we ask that you join us in our petition to keep Mrs. Ramona Wilson in her current position. 

We plan to bring the perspective of the student body to the school’s attention soon. In order to support Mrs. Wilson, we are asking for pre-professional students to submit personal anecdotes about their experiences with Mrs. Wilson as well as their concerns about how this decision will impact the student body. Please email your stories and concerns to We will bring these emails with us to future meetings to help express our concern for the future of pre-professional advising.
Mrs. Ramona Wilson has touched many of our lives and helped us in our college and pre-professional journeys. It is now our turn to support her.