Social Justice for Students with Intellectual Disabilities: Let Them Walk!

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Students at UCCS with intellectual disabilities have been told they are not allowed to walk across the stage at graduation. Every student deserves to have the same opportunities as their friends and classmates. Sign this petition to advocate for inclusiveness and equality on campus!

Sign the petition and reach out to UCCS to request they change their policy to allow students that have completed 50 credit hours or more and have earned a University recognized certificate to have the opportunity to participate in graduation including walking across the stage.


Background Information:

Nick Harmon is a Junior at UCCS and is taking an Arts and Activism class. For his final project, he wanted to bring to light the issue of a UCCS policy that states students who receive certificates do not participate in graduation.  UCCS has three students, with intellectual disabilities, who will be seniors in 2020 and they are earning a Comprehensive Higher Education certificate. These students will have completed 55 credits over four years, which is more than most certificate programs at UCCS. The students pay the same tuition and fees that all UCCS students pay. Nick started this petition because for him, he is unable to earn a degree and this certificate is his culminating achievement at UCCS and he would like to have the same opportunities to celebrate his accomplishments.