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The food on campus at University of Central Florida is provided by a huge company called Aramark. Whether you love the food or you hate it, you’re probably against animal abuse. With Aramark supplying the meals, that’s a problem because the company is currently wrapped up in an animal cruelty scandal! For the good of my classmates and the animals on the farms that supply our food, please join me in asking UCF to switch to a more socially responsible foodservice provider.

Aramark has absolutely no minimum standard for how the chickens it purchases are raised or slaughtered. That means that the company buys chickens from farms where they’re crammed by the tens of thousands into unsanitary, dark barns. The buildup of their own waste creates toxic fumes that burn the chickens’ legs and body.

The breed of chickens used on these farms have been manipulated to grow so heavy so fast that their bones and organs can’t keep up. With crippled legs and failing hearts, many die prematurely.

Those who survive are packed onto semi trucks and driven to a slaughterhouse where they’re electrically shocked and their throats are slit. This inexact slaughter method leaves many birds fully conscious when they’re cut and some chickens that miss the automatic blade are dunked into boiling water while they’re still alive.

Instead of rectifying this cruelty by adopting welfare standards for these chickens, Aramark has been putting out meaningless statements that don’t actually make any guarantees. The company is hoping that the schools it contracts with and the students it feeds will simply forget that this is happening. But I cannot be distracted from this abuse and UCF should not do business with a company that supports this kind of cruelty.

Please sign my petition urging University of Central Florida to drop Aramark as its food service provider.

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