Get UCLA to implement the "Alternatives to Animal Testing" Curriculum Change

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We petition the University to change the Life Sciences core curriculum to to include education about alternatives to animal testing in research and to remove rat dissections in LS23L.
Rat dissections are an outmoded and inefficient form of education with so many computerized alternatives available including VR technology.

Furthermore, animals are inadequate models for humans in medicine. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says 90% of drugs found safe in animal trials fail when they move on to human trials or on the market, which prompted the FDA, NIH, and DARPA to invest in “human-on-a-chip” research projects. Alternatives to animal testing are often more reliable, accurate, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, but currently students may never learn this in Life Sciences at UCLA
We demand that UCLA modernizes its Life Sciences Core Curriculum by implementing the Alternatives to Animal Testing Proposal, which will provide students with alternatives to dissection and information about alternatives to testing on animals 

Curriculum Change Proposal.