Welcome Carl's Jr. to MacHall with open arms

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Two things are happening right now: 

  1. The SU is considering adding a Carl's Jr. location to MacHall to replace the dying Sweet & Savory. 
  2. A small group of people are trying to stop that from happening. Why? Read here.

In these kinds of decisions, the vocal minority will almost always win. If you're an average student like me, your voice will never be heard. In a week's time, the Students' Union will get a list of 10, 20, or maybe even 100 signatures from the vocal minority. Then boom -- plan is axed, and the remaining 20,000 students never get the chance to participate in the decision.

The purpose of this counter-petition is to let the Students' Union know that we want Carl's Jr., and our voices matter too.

Because let's be honest: I am sick of not having an actual say in the food of MacHall, and I bet you are as well. In this petition I will address all the points made in the above link, but first, I want to make something clear: in the end, this is about your right to choose. I have nothing against feminism, nor vegetarianism, nor healthy eating. When these things are used to take away my right to choose, that's where I draw the line.

Okay, lets look at the points this letter made:

  • Sexism

Is it sexist to have a good business model? Is it sexist to target your chosen demographic with an effective advertisement? I don't think so.

Okay, let's say it is, for the sake of argument. Is it also sexist when domestic violence advertisements show only women as victims? Especially since 40% of domestic violence victims are men? Again, no, it isn't -- because these ads have a clear demographic, women, and the purpose of the ad is to raise awareness.

The purpose of the Carl's Jr. ad had a clear demographic, men, and the purpose was to sell some damn good hamburgers.

(You still think it's sexist? Fine. Why don't we kick out Tim Hortons' for having only men on it's board, and kick out A&W for it's sexist burger names?) 

  • Lack of Specialty Choices in MacHall

Halal: Pita place, and La Taqueria 
Vegetarian: Subway, Opa, La Prep, Pita place - plus anywhere else you can ask for no meat
Gluten free: Every chain store serves gluten free
Fast food burgers: A&W

If we can get Tim freaking Hortons coffee from 3 different stores, then a Carl's Jr. does not make MacHall any less dietary-restriction friendly.

  • Lack of Healthy Choices in MacHall

Most of MacHall is freshly made and healthy: Kobe Beef, Viet Sub, Pita, La Prep, KBBQ, Timsx3, Fuel for Gold, Opa, Subway all have fresh, healthy food made on the spot. Let the unhealthy people get our choices too. We are adults and we don't need our food court to "encourage healthy behaviour".

And last but not least -- even if all of the above were 110% true, why should we lose our right to choose what we want to eat? We want Carl's Jr!

I would ALSO like to clarify that I fully support the Students' Union and the work they do - as constituents of the SU I believe it is our job to make our opinions known and voices heard so our representatives can make informed decisions on our behalf. 

This petition will be sent to the SU leadership in two weeks time. Please show your support for Carl's Jr. by signing it. 

If you have any questions, please email me at


Teng Rong
Fast Food Lover & Proud U of C Student




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