Ban Single Use Plastics on UBC's Campus

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Single use plastics suck for so many different reasons, and they all have such beautiful alternatives that work just as well or better! UBC as a school that strives towards a more sustainable future should move to ban single use plastics.

What We Want: 

We want plastic straws, bags, cutlery, coffee cups, and water bottles to be banned on UBC's campus. Why is this a good thing? It's a win-win-win!

1. Companies will not have to purchase things such as straws and will be more sustainable (good for advertising and good for the soul)

2. The student body as a whole will be a bit more sustainable and will not immediately be forced to use things that may be against their morals (I don't know about you but every time I drink from a straw I die a little bit inside)

3. The Earth (at least our part of the Earth) will be a bit less polluted.

This will be an easy switch for students because straws are unnecessary, cloth re-usable bags exist, it is very easy to carry re-uable cutlery, a water bottle, and a mug in your backpack. Y'all can drink the coffee in the cafe and every single building on campus has safe drinking water in it. There are also some beautiful options businesses can do to keep all customers happy (even those who love their single use plastics) such as switching to paper straws and taking advantage of great programs such as Mugshare or Eco to Go that can make a sustainable transition super easy. 

Why Does Single-Use Plastic Suck?

1. They are made from fossil fuels meaning CO2 is being released into the atmosphere, forests are being clear cut, and a precious, limited ressource (fossil fuels) is being used for extrememly petty things such as bags or straws. Plastic is extremely useful and precious - so lets put it towards things that actually need to be made out of it. 

2. They pollute our oceans. Marine life eats the plastic often resulting in illness or death and often times meaning that micro plastics consumed by marine life enters our own food chain. Plastic in the ocean breaks down into micro plastics and joins giant garbage patches such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is twice the size of Texas (look it up it's very sad). 

3. They are taking up so much space in our landfills. Landfills suck to begin with... but when they are full of completely avoidable trash they suck even more.