Keep brother dean off University of Arizona campus

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For many years, a man named "Brother Dean" (Dean Saxton) has been spreading a venomous message of hatred on Arizona's three main university campuses. Using signage with phrases like, "Homos will go to hell", "Sorority girls deserve rape", and "Muslims are evil", Dean has gone out of his way to utilize his 1st Amendment right to free speech and freedom of religion. I support this man's right to use his Constitutional rights, whether I agree with the message or not. However, the time is now upon us to ban this man permanently from the University of Arizona, following increasing violence surrounding his "sermons".

Many times over the last several years Brother Dean has been assaulted by students for his behavior on campus, yet he's still been allowed to talk despite inciting violence. He crossed a serious line on September 19th, 2016. Dean was preaching his usual hate mongering when he decided to kick a teenage student in her chest as she was walking up to him to speak out against the things that he was saying.

The University of Arizona has since responded by slapping a TEMPORARY one-year ban on Dean. Stand with me as we DEMAND that the University of Arizona issue a permanent ban, based on the following:

1. Brother Dean has incited violence in the past.
2. His messages could potentially encourage people to participate in unacceptable or violent ways (example: Sorority girls deserve rape messages could encourage rape on campus).
3. This man has now shown himself to be violent against the student population, and this CANNOT be allowed to continue at the University of Arizona.

Once this petition has reached 1000 signatures, it will be delivered to the Leadership of the University of Arizona, including President Robbins, Senior Vice President (Student Affairs) Melissa Vito, Vice President (Community Relations) Tim Bee, and the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students Kendal Washington White. Additionally, this petition will be sent to Mayor Jonathan Rothschild to present to his council for consideration, and Chief Brian Seastone of the University of Arizona Police Department.

To those listed above:

We the students of University of Arizona demand that Dean Saxton be permanently banned from campus with prejudice, and arrested on sight if found to be in violation of this ban.

We will no longer allow Dean Saxton to harass our students, employees and faculty. He has gone beyond his First Amendment right to free speech and poses a physical danger to our students. He sexually harasses our women by telling them they deserve to be raped. 

We will no longer allow Dean Saxton to incite and take part in violence or hatred against anyone on this fine University's grounds.

Nicole F cochrane and all persons who have signed this petition subsequently


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