UCL students stand against strikes - REFUND NEEDED

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In regards to the recent Strike action taking place across universities - we understand and support the notion behind the strike action (against teachers pension cut); however there are crucial effects on the students at UCL.

We (UCL students) strongly feel that we should be entitled to a refund for the substantial amount of classes we have missed (and are scheduled to miss) as a result of the strike action taking place. As a result of a lack of classes taking place, this has directly effected our learning, teacher-help and essential guidance for our assignments; in particular, as a large proportion of final-year students (including both, undergraduates and postgraduates) are doing dissertations, we are unable to contact our supervisors, which is vital in our last term, heading towards submission deadlines.

There is also the issue that the strike will possibly result in the graduation date of a large proportion of students will be postponed to later date which causes obstruction for those who are continuing studying (e.g. PGC/Masters students etc.) who will be starting their next academic year. 

We have started this petition aiming to raise the voice of UCL students who are distressed and frustrated at the direct effects the strikes are having on their education. We hope to receive a full refund to compensate for the lack of learning that has been taking place due to these strikes. We are aware other universities such as King College London (KCL) who have been successful in their action in receiving their refund and we hope with your support, UCL will do the same.

Help the UCL students stand up for their rights!

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