Plastic Free UCC

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With the most recent shocking report on climate change and with the sheer amount of plastic and plastic waste used in our every day lives, it is time that UCC took a well needed step forward and pledged to become Single-Use Plastic Free. 

Plastic waste is polluting our world and we need to do everything we can to stop anymore damage from being done. We only have 12 years to prevent a complete climate change catastrophe so we have to start taking real action now.

Show UCC that this is something that the students care about. Sign this petition and help us to call on UCC to pledge to become completely free of the following single-use plastic items by 2023; Disposable Cups, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Straws, Plastic Salad Containers, Plastic Cutlery & Plastic Packaging for UCC products (eg- Sweet Tubs/Sandwiches etc)