Save the Falafel Cafe!

Save the Falafel Cafe!

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This past spring, University Circle, Inc. informed the owners and managers of the Falafel Cafe that their lease would not be renewed after this summer and that they would have to shut down their restaurant. UCI refuses to explain or justify their decision and it is likely they are simply seeking a tenant who will pay them a higher rent.

The Falafel Cafe is one of the few affordable, healthy, locally-owned, independent, vegetarian-friendly, speedy dining options around University Circle, and every day it serves CWRU faculty, students, and staff, as well as the employees of other University Circle schools and institutions and the staff of University Hospitals. It is a frequent stop for visitors to our community looking for a convenient and tasty lunch. They do a brisk business and because it is owner-run, it is one of the few restaurants where regulars find that their server knows their name and order just as they walk in the door.

If you work around University Circle, you probably dine here frequently, as the Falafel Cafe is a convenient meeting spot in the middle of the work day, and its closing would be a terrible and inexplicable loss.

Please help tell University Circle, Inc. to reverse their eviction of the Falafel Cafe and maintain this great asset to our community.