Park safely in the University Central Fla Parking structures

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UCF is instituting a "No Back-In Policy" that will go into effect July 1st. This policy is said to help law enforcement identify cars that are involved in crimes or do not belong on campus. This policy is supposed to increase the safety of the students on campus but this is not factual.

As a female student of UCF I feel that my physical safety while traversing the parking structures on campus should be taken seriously. The structures are already poorly lit, causing great concern to me as a woman, but now I will not be able to leave the structure as quickly due to parking regulation changes.The parking alteration would mean that my doors would open in a way that someone would be in a better position to enter my vehicle forcefully and prevent my escape. 

The parking structures are already poorly lit on campus, already causing concern, but now there will be an increased risk of being hit while someone is backing out of a space. Many studies have found that front-first parking is safer than nose-in. When people back into a parking space they are most aware of their surrounding and their safety. They are more focused, the same can be said when they are exiting the space. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that “267 people are killed and 15,000 injured each year by drivers not parking forward first, usually in driveways or parking lots.” 

We can come together and prevent this.