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Female and LGBTI+ Student Perpetrator Diversion Programs on Australian University Campuses

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The purpose of this petition is to gain support for the creation of a gendered program. Moreover, the purpose of this program to be created will entail an anti-violence element to prevent female and LGBTI+ students perpetrating all forms of violence against Heterosexual students in Australian Universities. These programs may be in the form of bystander or consent programs. Currently there is only feminist based bystander and consent programs that promote male perpetrators of violence against women and LBGTI+. There is a consensus amongst the feminist programs and organisations that heterosexual men can only be perpetrators of violence regardless of the factual evidence provided. The petition is to petition those groups, the NUS and Universities Australia to stop pushing feminist propaganda in our Universities and allow students to focus on their education.

A signature on this petition will help advocate for the rights of heterosexual men and women who are persistently intimidated by feminists and feminist ideologues when speaking out about men's issues and men's rights. The aim of the petition is to promote a more equality based system where everyone is included, not just a select few. It is time we join forces as a community to stop Australian Universities being exploited by feminists for their own personal and financial gain. 

Feminists want you to believe that all men have unconscious bias towards women and LGBTI+ individuals. But yet most real men love, care and support their partners/children and are not the sole standalone contributor to violence in our university system. Ignoring other factors would be a criminal act and putting lives at risk.

It is time for men, women and LGBTI+ individuals, groups and organisations to change the tides - stand together once again to fight the new war. The war against the cancerous toxic brainwashing feminist oppressive culture poisoning our children and loved ones in our streets, universities and to the way of life that is reminiscence of the Nazi re-programming era. 

It was bad enough that our education system tried to wipe out the First Australian culture in our education systems. Moreover, the education departments have not learnt from their genocidal tactics and have now re-engaged against good heterosexual citizens of this country. 

We welcome everyone to sign regardless of your beliefs, values or stance because together we can make a difference.  



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