Petition to have Nigel Marven star in Jurassic World 3

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Millions of fans grew up with the Nigel Marven as a beloved icon as he appeared as the main presenter in both the Walking with Dinosaurs specials and it's spiritual successor, Prehistoric park. So for millions one of their most fond childhood memory is watching the glorious Nigel Marven as the most powerful zoologist on telly (besides David Attenborough of course).

But in Primeval series 3, the same producers/directors who elevated Nigel to iconic status decided to change his reputation as kingly presenter and all of the sudden establishing that he was nothing more than a weak vegetarian and decided to shove this point down every fans throat by humiliating him by having a Giganotosaurus eat him with ease (A dinosaur Nigel had already encountered and survived), thus ruining the fondest memories of the Prehistoric Park episodes to millions by now establishing that their iconic character will now be always be defeated by a sauropod eating dinosaur. Thus creating a huge backlash from Nigel fans all over the world. It became one of the most infamous scenes in TV history not only because it humiliated the most popular wildlife adventurer of the series but because from a scientific standpoint the Nigel should have won because he has a much greater artillery of capture methods at his disposal, while the Giga's jaws were used for killing sauropods and nothing else. And overall Primeval felt like it was trying to force us to like a new group of characters more than the one we have loved for years.

So since that third primeval series in 2009 fans have hoped and asked for a rematch and after 6 long years of wait, the fourth film Jurassic World decides to ignore the topic altogether, having absolutely no references to either Nigel Marven or his foe the Giganotosaurus, and instead wasting time with things like having a T Rex destroy a Spino skeleton which we think is very unsatisfactory...Like who cares about T.rex and Spinosaurus, its not like either of them can bring down an Ornithomimus with a sock. And while Nigel Marven has been in other documentaries since then and appeared in pictures with dinosaurs... It wasn't a real revenge or glorious redemption because the Nigel still hasn't appeared with dinosaurs on film, let alone fought a Giganotosaurus.....Marven fans still feel very unsatisfied, ...Because without the rematch....

People can say "Yeah, the Nigel could capture a Tyrannosaurus rex, but he can't capture a Giganotosaurus, so Giga is still the King of the franchise". And us fans are now reminded of the Gigas superiority every time we watch Nigel have a glorious memento in Walking with dinosaurs and Prehistoric Park, and we hate that so...


uhh, this goes on and on about how bad the lack of a rematch is, I can feel my brain cells dying, let's just rap this up


Look, forget the stupid Nigel Marven vs Giganotosaurus rematch, no one cares about that. Just put the bloke in the new Jurassic World movie. As I understand it's about dinosaurs taking over the world, and who best to stand in their way but the man who shot down a dragonfly using washing up liquid, rescued an Elasmotherium on a mission to find grasses to find a mammoth, caught a number of Microraptors with a net gun, wrestled an Arthropleura with a tarpaulin, rescued a Triceratops with his jacket and rescued a pair of baby tyrannosaurs using a turkey sandwich! This is the man we need to defend Britain from the oncoming invasion of Baryonyxes and Pteranodons! He's basically the UK's Alan Grant!

So come on Colin Trevorrow. Add this legend to Jurassic World 3 and it could be the greatest Jurassic Park sequel ever (which might not be saying much but still, it's worth a shot!)