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Create a new Back To The Future ride in 2015!

This is one of, if not THE trilogy of all time and it's popularity is growing, not diminishing! Universal Studios have recently realised this by adding huge references to it in their new cinematic spectacular show, and by keeping the semi accurate time machine in their park. Although this is's just not good enough!

Taking just a few moments to read the comments on the YouTube ride videos, it soon becomes very obvious that it's not just a few hardcore fans, it's globally recognised that millions of fans want a new ride and have great resentment for the replacement ride.  A new ride with similar technology to that of The Amazing Spiderman, could take people on journey into the future to ride around on hoverboards, then board a fully interactive Delorean to blast through time..  It would be 'outa' this world!

The Simpsons Ride is technologically spectacular, a real step forwards in simulation, but was based around an unreleated and fading series. If anything, it should have been built elsewhere in the park.. For Twister to exist and one of Universals very own, timeless pieces of history to be simply torn down and not upgraded, was a humongous mistake. This will have a great financial impact in the near future, and not to mention the complete devastation to the fans and the legacy if not corrected soon. The Simpsons is clearly not a long term investment and the long awaited 2015 will be soon upon us!

Please Universal... we are all begging you to correct this horrible decision and restore the space time continuum by opening a new Back To The Future simulation ride in the 'future'....2015!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the magical years at your parks in the 90s as a young adult, and only wish for this petition to come across in the correct way, in helping the greatest of all time return to where it belongs... home.

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