Leaking/Releasing Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande's collab

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Dear Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa’s Fans/Recording Labels,

I am an avid fan of the two artists aforementioned. It came to many peoples' attention that the two were collaborating in January 2018. Many fans were excited when`15 seconds leaked since it sounded amazing and would have done well commercially. However, when Dua confirmed Bad To You wouldn’t be released, many fans, including myself, became greatly discouraged. I decided to be the first person to do something about it. I'm hoping the singers or their record labels notice this request. Many petitions have said in the past, “We can’t make a change if we don’t take the first step!"

Some people have noted that it is Dua Lipa’s song and she has the releasing rights. This petition is simply to help convince her to release it, as I plan to gather all the people who want to hear the song! Dua Lipa has also stated herself that releasing the single right now wouldn't be ideal timing. My suggestion is to release it as a non-album single.

If this song does somehow end in the public in the future, it would notably impact the pop culture in a majorly beneficial manner. If Dua were to officially release it, she (or Ariana) could collect the financial profit. So please, if you're a fan reading this, sign the petition and spread the word. If you are one of the very few who have heard the song in full, please consider leaking it for the good of the public. If by miraculous chance, someone famous or influential is reading this, please take this into serious consideration.