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We urge the international communities to help Tibet with concrete action.

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The native language used in Tibet could not be conserved and this make people worry about. 
Exile is not a willing choice of Tibet people. Exile Tibetan makes the race of Tibet feel sorrowfully.
It is because Tibet people missed their country nostalgically because of nostalgia. They hope one day they can go back home, Tibet. They would kiss the fresh scent grass and visit their gardens full of snow.

The native language used inside the country is actually being weakened. There is an example learnt in history that similar case used to happened in Israel. In Israel, people once lost their native language and therefore they also lost their culture. The case of Israel makes Tibet people worry about they cannot conserve their own language.

 Tibet people do not want their race being destroyed and finish. And they want everyone in the world know their country and their lives.

From 2009 till now, there have been 117 Tibet people self-immolation due to the high pressure and highly controlled politics and policies of the China Communist Party.

Among these 117 self-immolation people, 98 are male while 18 are female. 98 were certified dead due to self-immolation. There have been 23 of them are of age under 18. 42 of them are from Nagaba, Ching Hoi and Sichuan. 22 monks are from Kirti Monastery in Ngaba and 2 nunneries are from Mame Dechen Nunnery in Ngabe. In the mean time, there are some Tibet people accused of going back to Tibet. All these actions show their determination and persistence.

116 people who chose self-immolation were asking for 'Tibet permits their respectful Dalai Lama to go back Tibet, freedom in Tibet, stop destroying Tibet natural environment, stop pollution, stop extracting mines, stop massacre Tibet cultures and religions, stop colonialism, use native Tibet language as the medium of instruction in teaching, respect and conserve the nomadic people and the hordes'.

The recent decision made by the U.S congress to give visa to 5000 Tibetan refugees has failed to address the problem of ethnic assimilation, military repression and the devastating ecological environment in Tibet. Tibetans neither have military strength nor capital to protect themselves. Most of the statements made by the international communities are just empty talk.

We, people from Hong Kong, urge the international communities to uphold universal value and help Tibetans with concrete action. They should act according to the principle of humanitarianism, rule of law and human rights and pressure the Chinese central government by:

1. Condemning the Chinese government's policies on China destroying Tibet's environment, religion, language, human right, freedom of speech

2. Sending international investigation team to report on the current situation in Tibet, 

3. Putting those who are responsible for the oppression of Tibetans into trial at the international court of justice

4. Providing substantial aids to the exiled Tibetan government.

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